Truly master your Investments

Chooly is designed for hard working Americans to better understand and grow their wealth.

Chooly helps you manage your investments by leveraging business financial methodologies.

Chooly Assets

Your personal Balance Sheet

Chooly Performance

Your personal Income Statement

Chooly Potential

Your personal Forecasting and Planning

Truly master your Assets

Chooly helps you to track all your assets in one place, so you have an accurate understanding of your assets allocation.

Connect to your online accounts

We connect to banks, brokerages, retirement accounts, and crypto exchanges.

Track all kinds of asset classes

Owns a rental property? Have shares in an LLC? You can easily add those too.

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Truly master your Performance

Chooly helps you understand the performance of your different assets and stay on top of your cash flows.

Track your net worth growth automatically

So you don't need to log in to each of your accounts and copy data to a spreadsheet.

Deeper insight into growth driving factors

We can tell whether your growth comes from stock bonus vs stock appreciation.

Track your spending

Care about how much you spend on food, travel or shopping? We have data for you.


Truly master your Potential

Financial decisions are important. We use the latest technology to build the best financial tools, so you can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Actionable suggestions for your unique situation

There are many know-hows in your investment journey. We make sure you understand your financial options and their trade-offs.

Tools to help you make data-driven decision

For example, check out our Refinance Calculator and Loan Comparison Calculator. We help you to be smart.

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We democratize the best financial tools to benefit everyone.

No ads. No sell calls. No selling your data.

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Is Chooly on mobile?

Yes, Chooly app is available on iOS and Android with a modern UX design. Web version is under development.


Is my data secure?

Yes, we treat security as a top priority. We use industry-leading services to connect to banks and brokerages. We use bank-level encryption to store your data on Google Cloud.


Is Chooly free?

We don't sell you ads or sell your data to others. Instead, we charge a subscription fee for premium features, starting from $60/year.


Is Chooly a budgeting app?

Not really, Chooly is designed for investing. Chooly provides state-of-art tools to track your spending history, but doesn't provide budget functionality.